Recently, my boss wrote a post on my work blog calling for Content Curators. He makes a decent case, and I can understand why he makes it. He’s not particularly tech savvy (at least to the level that I consider to be savviness), so he wants something that goes beyond what he considers a “simple” aggregated list and something more comprehensive, curating knowledge and sharing new thoughts instead of cultivating lists of information.

Of course, those of us who are addicted to social media know what content curators are. Most of the people I have in my G+ circles are curators. They find information and links related to their very specific interests and post them on their streams along with their own thoughts on the matter. I read fantastic stuff from curators all day long. They may not be completely aware there’s a buzzwordy name attached to what they’re doing, but they’re doing it all the same.

My issue with his call is that we don’t need more content curators. Of course, it’s great if more people move beyond “sharing” and into “sharing and generating,” but it’s not a complete necessity at this point.

What we need are places to find the best curators.

In my experiences using G+, I’ve had to scour my friends’ circles to find people related to what I want to know. There have been several gems, and they were worth all the effort it took to find them. But wouldn’t it be fantastic to have more sites that curate the curators? People dedicated to finding the best curators out there?

In you’re a nonprofit person, there’s one resource I suggest taking a gander at: Cause+. This site has the potential to be really fantastic, but it’s so bare bones right now that it’s hard to tell if the site creators are going to invest the time needed to make it exceedingly superb. As it stands now, Cause+ is just a simple list that anyone can add their information to. But it could have small summaries created by the site owners and even blog posts talking about their favorite curation techniques and the best sites to go to for particular kinds of activities.

What I’m saying is, let’s focus our efforts on making a Dewey Decimal System of nonprofit social media curators. That’s something we could all use.

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